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Jun10-11, 05:56 PM
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From the power plant thread...

I don't know about the overall gold, but it seems like this accident is already the ocean contamination champion.

Does anyone know how ocean contamination from Fukushima compares to contamination from bomb testing in and above the ocean?

My wife was recently reading an article from a Japanese women's magazine that was advising readers to avoid eating seafood bones and shells because of the risk of Strontium contamination. It is impressive how so much food/water from so many areas is contaminated now. It makes it that much more difficult to feed the kids (here in Japan) a healthy diet.
Better to read the site as he tries to keep up with all aspects of Japan dealing with nuclear power and fallout involving tea. seaweed, to cement, etc. Also. maybe check the Greenpeace site for information as they asked Japan for permission to test seawater and fish near the accident and were refused but try to keep track of the fallout.

On a sensor, the difference in readings from an adult holding it, to a child holding it, to laying on the ground can be 100 fold. Defenseless children are more susceptible to fallout just being nearer the ground as dust kicks up first to their level.