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Jun23-11, 06:01 AM
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Thanks for answer but i'm having a hard time understanding this all..

So can I generalize that all force fields can effect the internal energy of the substance (it can affect the amount in which it is distributed in potential and kinetic energy) but it in itself does not contribute to internal energy. eg - if I turn on the magnetic field/ electric does the internal energy(KE+PE) of the substance changes in amount??

Secondly, how does it effect. If applying the magnetic field alligns all the dipoles in the dierction of magnetic field. How that effect the internal energy distribution of the gas. Please justify.

Thanks in advance. ...
oh here it is. I was not convinced. If you say that external gravitational field can affect the internal energy. Then so can psuedo gravitational field due to gas in a accerlating frame. But I have read it essentially many times that systematic motion of a gas as a whole cant change the internal energy of a gas. You can see that in wikipedia as well.

You can read this " It is the energy needed to create the system, but excludes the energy to displace the system's surroundings, any energy associated with a move as a whole, or due to external force fields." Taken from