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Jun25-11, 02:15 AM
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Archeology: Mammoth engravings in Florida

Nilequeen was kind enough to share some information directly from the publication, Purdy et al, 2011; Earliest Art in the Americas: Incised Image of a Proboscidean on a Mineralized Extinct Animal Bone from Vero Beach Journal of Archaeological Science, 2 June 2011

The main scope was a thorough hi tech forensic research to verify its authenticity, which it passed on all counts.

About the age of 13 ky:

...The incising would have to be at least 13,000 years old as this is the date for the last appearance of these animals in eastern North America (Faith and Surovell 2009; Grayson and Meltzer 2003; Steadman et al. 2005), and more recent Precolumbian people would not have seen a mammoth or mastodon to draw.
There you go. no new information and no challenging of anything. On the contrary, unless the mentioned references falsify it, there is some evidence that the Mammut americanum survived the Younger Dryas transition, maybe well into the Holocene, as discussed in this thread. So theoretically it could be (much) younger. But the mineralization of the bone would oppose that.


...Additionally, the development of a method to date mineralized bone is needed and, if successful, would furnish a valuable means to solve persisting problems about America’s ancient inhabitants....