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Oct10-04, 01:41 PM
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Are there 'things' humans can't not know? Yes, it's called sense data.
'Sense-Data' in the philosophical jargon, is supposed to refer to the objects of our sensory awareness. They are the things to which we are directly acquanited when we have a sensory experience. So, when I look at the apple on my table, I have an experience of a reddish, roughly spherical object before my mind. The object of my awareness is not any physical object, it is a mental object, a mental representation of the physical object. This mental representation is the sense-datum. So, most philosophers who talk about sense-data will be talking about the fundamental objects of our empirical knowledge, the things we are directly acquainted with. It seems strange that you would use the term in such a radically different manner. Perhaps you mean something different by 'sense-data' than what philosophers mean byt 'sense-data'.