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Jul6-11, 01:16 AM
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I think that a step towards this endeavour would be getting rid of this mentality that "going to uni after graduating from HS is THE only thing to do to be "successful"".
The trouble is that there are good reasons why people have this sort of mentality.

The French have more flexible educational system. For example, after high school, one can go for a "brevet de technicien superieur" (basically, being a certified technician) in two years post high school. Following that, one can try finding employment directly or opt to pursue higher education. People have this qualification can also enrol into the the "ecoles d'ingenieur" (engineering schools). So, despite it not being a university degree, it can still allow for progression in the field if one wants it.
1) The fact that another country has a different system, even a better one, doesn't help if you have to make a decision now in the United States

2) The thing that really troubles me about people that say that more people in the US should take technical education is that if you ask them "OK, but do you want *your* kid to go to community college rather than Harvard?" they say tend to say NO. I think the problem is that the people that make the decisions about who goes to technical schools are by and large, not people that to go technical schools themselves.

3) One thing that makes it not terribly convinced that going to community colleges is a great thing as a student is that it's a truly crappy job if you are doing it full time as a teacher.