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Jul8-11, 06:38 AM
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Hi! I need some help with the following -

I have a square oven that has an outer shell of stainless steel (10mm thick) that has a skin temperature of 180degC. Outer shell size of each side is 800mm x 800mm. This has to be water cooled to bring down the skin temperature to 50degC. We need to provide a square stainless steel pipe (square coil size - 40mm length x 40mm breadth x 5 mm thick) of roughly 4000 mm overall length (per face, water cooling to be provided on all faces) through which water will pass. I need to calculate how much water / rate of flow in liters per minute to be passed to achieve desired skin temperature per face. We can consider temperature of water at inlet to be 25degC.

If any other details are required please let me know. Velocity of water (if required) can be considered as 1m/s.
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