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Jul24-11, 07:38 AM
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Alright, thanks for the insights guys. I understand that engineering probably would be a better way to go for job prospects and marketability, however I made the decision a while ago that I want to pursue something I'm really interested in and at the moment I know that's sciences (could change once I get into university which is why I'll switch right into engineering if I can't handle the physics).

Additionally, I've started to look at this new program my university offers: a joint double honours in Chemistry and Physics "primarily, although not exclusively, for students with a theoretical bias who are interested in working in fields of study at the crossroads of physical chemistry and physics. The program will prepare students for either theoretical or experimental graduate work in departments where there is an emphasis on such cross-disciplinary areas as condensed matter physics, chemical physics, or material science." I've been looking heavily into this now for a few days because it seems the types of fields listed above would have a higher demand for new graduates. If I were to pursue this field and then take a corresponding masters or further grad school in one of, well lets use the given examples, condensed matter physics, chemical physics, or material sciences, is there a fairly high demand/good job prospects for graduates of this field?

By the way here's the link for reference to the Joint Double Honours: