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I was mistaken about Dirk Couprie's age, when I posted earlier. For some reason I had gotten the idea that he was an under-40 scholar. He was born in 1940!

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A young Dutch expert on Anaximander I just now was thinking of is Dirk Couprie.
I will hunt up his website. He has a book out too, but a website is quick and free.

Dirk says:
"My main professional interest is in Presocratic philosophy and cosmology, and especially those of Anaximander, who lived at Miletus, 610-547 B.C."

and he gives some links:

"For more information on my latest book Heaven and Earth in Ancient Greek Cosmology: From Thales to Heraclides Ponticus click here.
Here is a special link to my article on Anaximander in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy."
When I posted earlier I did not have a working link to his article on Anaximander in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. I will hunt up one.

The regular IEP site is temporarily not responding.

I think Couprie's IEP article on Anaximander is quite helpful. He has also written a book, with two other historians of science, called "Anaximander in Context".

He also has a bibliography on Anaximander. Lengthy interesting list of writings.
From the looks of it, the field of Anaximander Studies is expanding