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Aug8-11, 05:55 PM
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I'm sorry, that stuff still looks like rust to me. The horizontal pipe running right below the brown pipe elbow looks clean closest to the most stained portion of the elbow. That does not look like a high pressure cesium leak to me.
Perhaps, but to me it looks like a water-carried distribution of the similar-colored dark stuff splattered around and heaped at the base of the same pipe. And because that heap of red-brown gunk is extremely radioactive and associated with a ventilation/filtration system, it may well be (largely) cesium-vapor residue, which is also dark red-brown.

If you look at a higher res picture of that pipe, it looks like it was wrapped with some kind of tape, perhaps to protect it against corrosion. The brown stuff seems to have leaked out from underneath the tape. Perhaps the tape trapped moisture, allowing rust to fester underneath. The vertical brown lines are consistent with rust getting washed down by rain.
What we can say for sure is that the stain lines are consistent with some red-brown substance washed down with rain. But that does not entail that it's rust.

Yes I see the tape, it's obvious, but what kind of tape allows rust to fester as you suggest? I don't see why the tape increases the likelihood of the staining being rust. Maybe it's to stop corrosion as you suggest, or then maybe to reduce the escape of cesium-vapor residue in the event of a filtration-system rupture. It might be there for a number of reasons. I doubt we can infer much from the tape being there.