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Aug9-11, 12:23 AM
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Let me suggest these possible flow patterns that seem to be both logico-physically intuitive and empirically observed:

By stalagmatic accumulation I refer to the process slow water-carrier driven stalagmite formation. The rust-color residue has accumulated to a few inches in height at the base of the feed-in pipe's interface with the main vent, and that heap of gunk is the highest-dose spot.

Moreover, the same rust-colored stain (that I propose is cesium-vapor residue) is also seen emanating from the interface seam. This constitutes a second unique source of rust-color staining and flow pattern versus that coming down the pipe, and both pathways would logically converge at the accumulation point. The rust-colored staining clearly appears to be associated with the highest-dose accumulation of dark-red gunk.