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Aug14-11, 10:41 AM
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Despite Secretary Chu and President Obama looking to drastically cut and slow down the development of fuel cell and hydrogen technology, fuel cell vehicles seem to be growing and progressing faster than ever. Mercedes-Benz recently bumped up their FCV release date to 2014 from 2015 stating,

We have proven that by sending three vehicles with a fuel cell around the globe without any relevant problems. The issue is infrastructure. We made this trip to prove technology is ready and we need partners to take care of infrastructure.

Toyota is still planning on mass producing their FC Highlander in 2015 and GM and Honda have stated that they will follow and be releasing vehicles in the same time frame.

It appears that the fuzzy future of alt fuels for transportation applications is becoming more clear. The only problem now is developing the infrastructure. While the US is doing diddly-squat to create a hydrogen fuel infrastructure Europe and Japan are well on their way to support hydrogen technologies.

The European Union and the world’s largest automakers have stated that they will be ready with hydrogen cars and H2 fueling stations by the year 2015. Meanwhile the Federal Government of the United States has stated they have no intention on being ready and are most willing to be followers instead of leaders in these emerging technologies.

I think the answer to the question "What will replace the ICE powered car?" is quickly becoming Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FCHEV's) with a mix of a BEV's owning a small portion of the market. Now if we could just get our act together maybe we can make this transition quick and painless.