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Aug24-11, 05:54 PM
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With the advances in computers you can now get a server with phenomenal computing power and most homes have multiple computers in them. I'm interested in the concept of a single computer with 'access portals'.

The access portals would be nothing more than a monitor and keyboard with the monitor having a wireless adapter for video and a built in codec. The OS would likely have to be re-written to allow processors and video cards to be devoted to specific users and something to deal with potential video latency.

The concept is to have quad core server with 4 video cards sitting in your utility room that can be accessed by up to four access portals at a time. You would just log on with your account and get your applications/games/whatever. The idea is it's easier to manage/update one box than try to keep 4 up to the latest hardware/software versions and such. Every time you get the latest game/application you always find about half your systems can't run it.

You could work on something sitting at a desk then just move your small portal up to the bedroom to work (like a laptop) while your spouse reads or whatever. You could make it so I-pads/tablets can access via your wi-fi or even their wi-fi when not at home. It could grow into a whole house cable box, the cable company gives you software and a 'key' and you plug the cable into your home computer, TIVO built right in, wireless transmission to the TV's so no cables. Home security, built right in with notification to your I-Pad, wireless phone...whatever. Standards developed so when appliances become smart they build to a standard that can 'talk' to your home server.

I'm thinking something like a Linux OS as people would continue to develop it to me expanding needs, right now many of these pieces exist but it's all proprietary.
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