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Sep5-11, 05:30 PM
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I don't mean to pull a hijack, but there are other "great wars" and our WWII vets are currently being shortchanged. My father and his compatriots are almost all in their mid-80's or older (much older in some cases) and the VA is planning on pulling the portable trailer that acts as the VA office in northern Maine. If the VA is successful at nickel-and-diming our vets, most of them would have to drive over 100-300 miles round-trip to get to the old Togus VA hospital to get basic medical care, like blood pressure checks and medication, screenings, etc. That is just wrong. My father and his fellow old vets don't like to ask for help, and they are liable to forego medical services when it is made inconvenient or personally difficult to access them. Can we afford to give Pakistan $12B to build a dam, and not afford to provide our vets (WWII and more recent) the VA health care that they were promised?