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Sep7-11, 03:35 PM
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Morbius or Greg thank you for your clarification. I am just a student from college but I am very curious of things, which has led me to read and learn things way ahead of the current classes I am taking. This Message is just to answer: No! It is not too hard to understand that the amount of energy released is directly dependent on the particular reaction applied and not whether is fusion or fission. If I stated this incorrectly please let me know. Many of the posts here were confusing and contradicting and I found yours very useful and I admire your knowledge and passion. I am looking forward to learn more from this forum, again I am just a student so I will not contribute much, instead will absorb as much as I can.
Of course! The energy released depends entirely on fuel used and the particular reaction that happens. The energy released from each type varies drastically with different fuels.