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jim hardy
Sep7-11, 05:50 PM
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Stability of fast neutron reactors with liquid metal coolant.

""Many people don't understand that in a fast reactor, the peak of the neutron spectrum is in the keV region - which is right where the resolved resonace region for U-238 is. ""

i know little about them.
But i read someplace that sodium moderator puts a lot of neutrons into the KEV range..
Are the KEV neutrons the ones maintaining the reaction?
Fissioning which nuclides?

No need for a long explanation , a pointer to reference would be enough.
I'm trying to understand what makes Godiva and BigTen go.

1950's Evinrudes are more along my line. If you ever need to convert one from pressure tank to modern fuel pump - i can help you.
Just finished a friend's 1955 Johnson 5 hp . What a treasure.

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