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Sep12-11, 02:06 AM
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A good reason why government employee unions should be prohibited.
We have a serious disconnect, here. Government workers and private-sector workers should be encouraged to participate in collective bargaining so that the rights and desires of the workers are considered in any labor agreement. Such groups should not be allowed to bribe our elected officials. Neither should any other entity, including business groups.

I can't afford to pay either of my senators $20,000 to come to my home and speak to my wife and myself over breakfast, so that our views are at least noted. Thanks to K street, any senator willing to sell out their constituents can retire as a millionaire. Is that right? Postal service workers should have the right to bargain collectively. They should not have the right to bribe elected officials, nor should any business group or wealthy individual. Maybe we'd have healthier government and a bit more turn-over in DC if lobbying was banned to cut off that gravy-train to congress.