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Sep13-11, 10:38 PM
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I have noticed that political threads get locked or terminated far more frequently than is the case with more scientific ones. Sometimes this is because posters wander far off the OP topic, but more often it appears that incivility simply reaches unacceptable levels.

I assume that most of us posting here are either scientists or have scientific leanings. Why can’t we keep the same level of objectivity and dispassionate dialog in our political postings as we do in our scientific ones. Is there some sort of biological “switch” in our brains that is in one position when we discuss science and another position when we discuss politics?

Getting emotional rarely ever convinces your opponent of the merit of your views. A calm, objective, dispassionate presentation is far more effective. I give you higher education as a case in point. Have you ever experienced a Physics professor ranting at his/her class? (Yes, I suppose that somewhere this has happened. But it is extremely rare.)

Good manners are the lubrication of any society. Let us all try to use good manners and reduce useless friction.
I take it that your OP is in response to the turn that the discourse in a recent thread (on whether the US should veto a Palestinian statehood resolution in the UN) took. I didn't see exactly why the thread was deleted or removed for moderation, as it was gone when I returned here tonight. Let me guess, were the Israeli and the Palestinian digressing to name calling and such? Too bad. But it's an understandably highly charged subject. On a positive (personal) note, each time I return to consider things in the ME I learn something.

Anyway, of course I agree with the theme of your OP.