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Actually the source I gave for that was this Wkpd article
and Wikipedia is not 100% reliable. I looked up the source THEY cite, and again it was not entirely...well. So I can't swear to it. (And it said "study" wall--I should not have assumed it was at IAS!)

==quote Wkpd==
Albert Einstein kept a photograph of Faraday on his study wall alongside pictures of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell.[6]

[6] ^ "Einstein's Heroes: Imagining the World through the Language of Mathematics", by Robyn Arianrhod UQP, reviewed by Jane Gleeson-White, 10 November 2003, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Maybe it's OK. Here is the Gleeson-White review of the book "Einstein's Heroes"
But a young scientist born the year of Maxwell's death, Einstein, was so inspired by Maxwell's mathematics - which he'd had to teach himself because his teachers didn't include it in their curriculums - that he put a photograph of Maxwell on his study wall, alongside pictures of Michael Faraday and Isaac Newton. These three men are Einstein's Heroes.
But I still wonder. I would like to see a firsthand source.
Heh!:) Also, I didn't mean to question the source, sorry.