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Sep15-11, 07:09 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
One of the most popular events at highland games is the hay toss, where competitors use a pitchfork to throw a bale of hay over a raised bar. Suppose the initial velocity of a bale of hay is varrowbold = (1.32 m/s)xhatbold + (8.85 m/s)yhatbold.
(a) After what minimum time is its speed equal to 7 m/s?

(b) How long after the hay is tossed is it moving in a direction that is 45.0 below the horizontal?

2. Relevant equations
I figured out the answer to part A using the quadriatic equation by saying that ...
t=2Vnotyg+-sqrt of (-2Vnotyg)^2 - 4(g^2)(Vnotx^2+Vnoty^2-V^2)/2(g^2).
I came up with the right answer of .201s.

I am stuck with part B. I don't know if I am overanalizing it or what. Someone please help!
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