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Oct9-11, 03:11 PM
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What is a reasonable distribution of wealth? From my point of view, if what we see today is what our system is intended to produce, or if this is the best we can do under our system, then I reject our system. I expect more. I expect a system that leans towards justice and fairness. But I don't think the results are the ideal that we strive to achieve. I think most Americans want a system that is fundamentally fair - one that doesn't give an unreasonable advantage to the uber rich.
1. I reject the idea that there is a "reasonable" wealth distribution. It is common for prosperity to involve a stretching of the distribution, as if wealth distribution were like a rubber-band. We can see this with China's wealth distribution over the past few decades.
2. I reject the idea that there is an inherrent "fairness" in a more even weath distribution. This is an assertion based on an assumption. It may sound good, but there is no logical reason to conclude that even = fair.
3. I reject the idea that the American system favors the rich. Tax rates are progressive and handouts predominantly go to the poor. What separates the American system from other western systems is that it doesn't favor the poor over the rich as much as in other systems. But that just means that you (and others) are confusing a less positive with a negative.