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Oct17-11, 06:59 PM
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I got a challenge for you........... This question is answered in two different ways from two different professionals with different backgrounds. I asked a Physics Professor and a Mathematics Professor a question and got two different answers. But, isn't it true there is only one truth in answering a simple question such as this one? Here it is- if I take a distance or an object and cut it perfectly and half, then take one of those halves and cut it perfectly in half, again. And repeat this over and over again. What will happen eventually to the distance or thickness of the object ? The reason I brought this to your attention is because it appears that you pride yourself and/or you have a good understanding of physics, I am assuming. Good luck, I would love to hear your response to this question.
nothing, it remains the`s a question similar to the question "which is heavier?" a kilo of cotton or a kilo of