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Oct21-11, 10:09 PM
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Suppose a bunch of guys on the internet told him he won't make it, so he decides not to apply.

Suppose a bunch of guys on the internet told him he'll get in and he doesn't.

I just don't see it making sense to ask a bunch of guys on the internet - none of whom have his letters - their uninformed opinion. What should someone do differently based on this opinion?
The thing is that many people on this forum have experience with this kind of thing. There are lot of engineers, physicists, and current graduate students here and this forum is not highly representative of everyone on the "internet" in general.

In terms of people making their own decisions, well thats the same argument whether someone is asking advice from people in their physical presence, or on an internet forum.

I don't know why you have issues with people asking for advice. Of course he/she will make their own decision: they are just seeking for information to make a more informed decision: any one making a big life decision of any sort does this.