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Oct31-11, 04:59 AM
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Quote Quote by tsutsuji View Post & At the Setagaya Hachiman'yama district supermarket, the excavation work will start on 1 November. A ward official said the "excavation work, etc. " should be completed in one or two weeks' time. On 31 October afternoon, protective sheets are laid out for dust release prevention. According to ward officials, there are only two radiation sources: the 170 μSv/hour pavement and the other location where 110 μSv/hour was found. The nature of the radioactive substances is still unknown.
Aum Shinrikyo had a center in Setagaya for a long time. They were stockpiling deadly bacteria and chemicals... why not some radioactive materials for a dirty bomb too? It would make sense to keep the stuff in many small stashes, no?