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Nov1-11, 02:08 PM
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You're right, it is easy to say. Maybe I'm being hindered by my own perspective. I can't see myself not purchasing something over a few pennies on the dollar, but I also wouldn't describe myself as a thrifty individual
Taxes rarely (significantly) affect the average person which is why they're so often targeted AT the average person. Which, ironically, is my second objection to random tax increases; they always seem to target MEEEEEE!

Honestly, (and I'm talking to anyone in the U.S. here) when was the last time you paid MORE taxes and felt like you got more for them? Education is in a general decline, I likely will never see my social security "investment," Medicare doesn't help me even though I have crappy insurance, and I still get random traffic tickets for nonsense violations.

It's infuriating!

The idea that all of this is happening and they want to RAISE taxes is absurd in my mind. Meanwhile, there's some group of (arguably) morons "occupying" Wall Street complaining about businesses and banks! They're the only things growing right now!!!!!!!