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Nov2-11, 08:47 AM
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Whoever took those jobs was going to get those retirement benefits. The cost to the state is the same whether it's two completely different people that earned those retirements or if one person worked one of those jobs, then the other.

The issue is really the cost of those retirements, regardless of who earned those retirements.

Perhaps getting upset by one person earning two separate retirements from the same employer does touch on the real feelings about government employees. There's a feeling that employees working for the government are less qualified than employees working in private businesses and don't deserve to make as much money as we pay them.

Is there a reason all of the better qualified employees would go to work in private businesses instead of work for the government? Especially if the government is really setting up all of its employees for life regardless of whether they do their job or not?
I have no problem with the examples I cited where the individuals grew in their positions/career.

The teacher who retires on a pension - then rehired to teach in the same classroom (instead of hiring a new person) are very troubling to me.