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Nov7-11, 07:45 AM
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Hi everybody,

I don't know if this thread is in the right place because it deals with a mix of world affairs and science. If I did post this in the wrong place, I do apologize.

So my question is: Can Science be a way out of the troubles within the world today?

I personally believe that science can remove us from the situation that we are in by allowing us observe and examine what the world has to offer and to have better level of respect for it. I also believe that the applications of science can be seen as a gateway to a better living and most importantly more job opportunities, which is what everyone is protesting about in those occupy movements.

So, that it my point of view. I am interested in seeing what other people have to say about my beliefs so post away :).

What "troubles" are you trying to resolve with science? What "situation" do you want science to "remove us from"?

As for the Occupiers, they don't appear to want to actually "do" anything except complain? The Occupied people are choosing to live in a park - in tents - rather than sleep at home in their beds. The Occupiers could be making a difference right now - there are people they can help directly - right now.

Specifically, there are places in Africa where the Occupiers would be better off living in their tents than the people sleeping on the dirt. The Occupiers could help the people build huts, plant crops, secure potable water, clean wounds - using current technology.

Accordingly, I think the Occupied folks should be given free passage aboard a freighter (they can sleep in their tents) to anywhere in the world they can make a difference - to help make the lives of people less fortunate than them better. The Occupied folks can apply the science we have to make things better for the dirt poor folks.

If they don't want to do anything that extreme - there are a lot of people living in nursing homes that are lonely and would appreciate a little company. We have the technology to make life better for these folks and it won't cost a dime - just a few minutes per day of the Occupier's time.