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Nov9-11, 08:36 AM
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I would like some "simple" (yeah, right!) math formulas that I can create an EXCEL spreadsheet to calculate flight profiles for a sub-orbital space plane with a 2,000 to 12,000 mile range. Please note, my math skills are 45 years old. If, as I suspect it will, calculus is involved, I would need some way to convert those formulas to EXCEL multi-cell formulas.

I found some flat earth formulas, but they are only valid for a few dozen miles.

The base vehicle would be a 2 stage flying wing air breathing subsonic booster to about 50,000 ft launching the sub-orbiter.

The SO would be rocket powered on accent, coast sub orbital, then rocket braked to slow below M1.5 - M2 above the denser air, with a short jet powered conventional flight to destination. Rocket braking avoids high temperature aerodynamic braking, and reduces the G forces. This makes for a much lighter and less exotic vehicle.

Yes, I fully realize this is not the most efficient way to do sub-orbital flight, but the technology is far simpler and I can use brute thrust to get over the hump. Plus I've developed a proprietary way to make these vehicles about 60% the weight of conventional construction.

I need the formulas that can account for weight to thrust, specific maximum G forces on acceleration and deceleration (nominally max 2G) so I can calculate fuel volumes that will control the airframe design.

If there is honest interest I can define more details here, but for the really seriously interested I will provide far more via PM, except for some proprietary stuff that is being patented.

Anybody interested???

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