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Nov11-11, 09:28 AM
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Crikey! I'd read a piece by Gillard about the high proportion of teens and young adults needing 'services' from the community/government. If it's as high as 20-25%, something is very wrong.

One will find similar concerns in all the major industrial/developed nations. I've been through Europe and to Asia, and I've seen the same problems of disconnectedness or misconnectedness, the latter embracing popular culture or alternative as a way of avoiding the pain/stress of apparent harsh reality.

Unfortunately if teens are disconnected, then they've probably been evolving that way over a decade or so, and the longer someone is adrift, the harder it for them to reconnect, assuming they want to reconnect.

Education and love of learning starts in the home. Inquiry and curiosity are necessary.

Based on my experience, a minority of folks are explorers, adventurers, frontierpersons.

One group of adults and students/teens is involved in ecological project in Western Port, Vic -

There are many other possibilities.