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Nov11-11, 10:23 AM
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I was a little like some of the kids I teach, when growing up. No one thought I was very smart, so neither did I. But looking back, I understood things quickly and wanted to move on to the next discovery. So when they asked us to do 20 quadratic equations for homework, along with 10 matricies and some other things that I instantly understood, I found the repetition tedious. With my lack of completion came the notion that I was not the brightest of students. It was only decades later that I discovered that the opposite was true, yet my low opinion of my capabilities had taken its toll. I've turned that around now in my later years, but it makes me wonder just how many kids going through Community VCAL are facing similar thoughts. I already know that several of those that I teach are very intelligent, yet they think of themselves as dumb. And it's difficult to convince them otherwise.