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Nov12-11, 05:44 AM
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"How much of the male domain is the spirit of the explorer, the adventurer, the frontier man?"
I'd say this is a relevant question to the overall condition of man, but is not the issue you are facing.

I am a qualified teacher and during my teacher training, which was required to have pracitice in every age group, I was taken aback as to how completely useless the school experience is for around 30% of the boys past 12 years old.

For those that have noticed this, such as you and I, I expect there are as many ideas on the problem and fixes as there are people who have noticed. But I have given it thought, and as a qualified teacher I feel some degree of experience to feel my comments should be given due regard:

The condition of man is fundamentally dominated by two factors [sub-consciously, or otherwise]; the instinct to survive, then the instinct to breed. To get to the more 'heady' and noble notions of the development and betterment of mankind requires an order of magnitude greater experience and knowledge possible at the school level. So we are left with the instinct to survive, then the instinct to breed!

School only offers opportunities for the latter instinct, though this then tends to interfere with, if not arrest, the capacity to take on learning!

Therefore we are left with needing to satisfy the instinct to survive. There is no sense of this, as the disillusioned young man trudges to his place of 'learning' each day, there is no sense and no feedback at all that this will impact on his future survival. You have to intellectualise the relationship between learning and surviving, and this just doesn't happen in, say, 20 to 30% of cases.

I also think it impacts the breeding instinct because going to school does not stimulate the sense the self-worth. Being a school boy just isn't up there in most young boy's idea of showing you are a worthy breeding partner!! So, again, there is an intellectualisation between why going to school increases your chance at successful breeding.

My prescription is simple. And perhaps I would not have posted this excepting that it is timely along with something that Chris Woodhead (ex-head of the UK education watchdog) came out with recently; he was reported to be suggesting that children should be given the opportunity to work from an early age. He gave an age of 14, which I think is about right but I'd tend to say 'whenever they are ready'.

There is no problem coming back into education at a later age, but for most 13-30year old males, finding a worthwhile vocation in life that the rest of society values and [especially the females] respects is head-and-heels more important than going to school or climing Everest.