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Nov12-11, 06:23 AM
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But my idea for you is to introduce some competition into the group of boys that don't seem to be motivated. Winning is fun, and losing is not. Both are methods of motivation. However, and this probably the same however that you are having, a lot of people shy away from competition, and it can alienate people, or put pressure on people who don't want it. If you can find a way to spice it up with a little competition, but make sure that the intensity threshold doesn't oppress anybody, I think you might spark some more interest.
I was thinking the same thing but I am not sure it is very wise considering the sort of psychology that Narrator is talking about. Loss and failure, which are fairly definite in competitions, may only push them away if they already have issues with loss and failure that they are apparently already doing a poor job of dealing with. Perhaps more "team" oriented activity would be preferable.