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Nov15-11, 08:50 PM
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Hey 256bits thanks for the reply!

Yes you are right about the stepper motor being actuated by energizing coils. I now have a better understanding of how things are suppose to work, thank you!

So here is now my new idea for the electronic set up of the balancing motorcycle:

The tilt sensor will produce an error signal to the Arduino. The Arduino will contain a Stepper Motor Control code that will output a pulse generation to the motor driver (this is where I was confused before). Then the controller will send a correction signal to the motor which will rotate and torque the bike back to the proper position.

Of course I am open to any criticism and suggestions.

Current Goals
  • Connect sensor to voltmeter and get some readings
  • Connect sensor to Arduino and get them to talk to each other
  • Place sensor on known inclination angles to test linearity of sensor
  • Figure out Stepper Motor Control code from Arduino Library

Will make updates as days go on.