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Nov28-11, 09:42 PM
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As a slightly unrelated note on probability, consider the following problem: If you select an integer at random from Z, what is the probability that the integer you chose is 0? It turns out the probability is zero. Therefore, there are events with probability 0 that can still occur. Likewise, there are events with probability 1 that do not occur. These are just some neat things that happen when you consider probability on infinite sample spaces.
Okay I agree with your post. Something with probability one does not have to occur. But how can something with probability 0 occur? It could be an infinitesimal and not occur that much I agree, [itex]lim_{Δx\ to 0}[/itex] isn't necessarily 0. But 0 is a bit of a different number.

What do you think? I'm still new to math so I might be wrong..