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Dec13-11, 06:32 PM
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paywall, sorry. if anyone has a free version or even the source I'd love to read it, thanks
I believe this is the same report:

Take-away: Half of the 1730 respondents are believed to have received less than 1mSv, half received more. 10 of the 1730 received 10 mSv or higher. The highest received by a person who didn't work at the plant was 14mSv.

These people lived in some of the most contaminated areas. The figures are in line with earlier findings reported for Minamisoma. Exactly how serious these levels are, what they mean for these residents' internal exposures, etc., will be debated for a long time. As more results come in we'll have a clearer picture. But if this is representative of the worst, then I'm cautiously optimistic.