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Dec16-11, 10:47 AM
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Hello everyone. My first post so bear with me.

I'm planning on buliding an arcgenerator (and possibly an arc speaker later on if this works) with my arduino and a coil. I'm relatively to electrical engineering, so there are a few things I need some help with.

If i've understood things correct, when there is a change of a surrounding magnetic field around a coil, power is induced in the coil. And the output U from the coil is depending on the ratio between the primary and secondary coil.

So with the help of my arduino, I will have a PWM out connected to a transistor, which is connected to a coil (similar to an ignition coil in a car), and the voltage will amplify while the current will decrease.

Here's a drawing:

(sorry for my poor circuit drawing skills...)

So my questions are:

* Is this even possible? Am I thinking right?

* Will my arduino board be affected by the amplified voltage? (In other words, will it be damaged?

* Are there any other components that should be included? Resistors, voltage dividers etc...

* How will the amount of turns on the coil affect the outcome? 10turns/20turns have the same ratio as 100turns/200turns, but I have a feeling the outcome won't be the same?


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