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Dec19-11, 05:08 PM
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If we leave physics and return to philosophy - fields would be the Ultimate Reality as far as we know(and probably can know). That which exists and is real in the sense that it's the substrate of being.
My argument here is that when examined closely, the notion of a "field" has long become a notion about a simple potential - ie: a vagueness.

The substrate of being now has properties such as "infinite degrees of freedom", which then get "collapsed" due to the emergence of global constraints.

To my knowledge - all appraoches of QG involve a variant of emergence/symmetry breaking.
Precisely. They presume a fundamental unoriented potential, a vagueness, and then the actual world emerges via symmetry breaking.

So this is no longer a "field" concept, because fields are what emerge. But an unlimited potential of infinite dimensions is perhaps a little "field-like" when we try to imagine it. It is an uber-field possibly.

But by definition, a vagueness lacks locality and other definite features. These actual properties of fields have to emerge via development, or symmetry breaking.