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Dec27-11, 12:30 PM
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For me the danger is not so much what the people believe. If somebody wants to believe something crazy then they're free to. It becomes dangerous when they're starting to tell other people what to do.

For example, if somebody has the notion that blood transfusions are a sin and will rather let their child die instead of giving them blood. That's dangerous.

Or when people want to force their pet belief system into education. That's dangerous.
So then the beliefs aren't the problem. Rather it is the imposition of those beliefs on others. I think we have a Constitution to handle that.

Or if somebody found a new system to beat the casino and wastes all the money of their family. That's dangerous.
So should we assume that all of those people playing slot machines think they have a system? Of course not. People gamble all the time and the notion of a secret system has nothing to do with it. It is an addiction. It is a disease.