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Jan13-12, 07:04 PM
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A 200 liter tank initially contains 100 liters of water with a salt concentration of 0.1 grams per liter.
Water with a salt concentration of 0.5 grams per liter flows into the tank at a rate of 20 liters per
minute. Assume that the fluid is mixed instantaneously and that this well-mixed fluid is pumped out
at a rate of 10 liters per minute. Let c (t) and
v(t), be the concentration of salt and the volume of
water in the tank at time t (in minutes), respectively. Then,
v(t) c`(t) +20c(t)=10

a) Solve these differential equations to find the particular solutions for v(t) and c(t).
b) What is the concentration of salt in the tank when the tank first overflows?
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