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Jan16-12, 05:22 PM
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design a feed magazine for laptop computer hard drives to integrate into an existing electronic data destruction machine.this machine will be used to dispose of informaation technology devices and media.

it is to be designed for 4 inches wide x 5 3/4 inches long x 1 inch thick desktop computer hard drives and to handle laptop computer hard drives that are 2 3/4 inches wide x 4 inches long and vary from 5/16 inches thick to 11/16 inches thick.the majority of these drives are 5/16 inches thick.

the magazine must hold a minimum of 12 drives.

i am required to come up with a production magazine system that easily adapts to the existing machine and should be simple and safe to use.not requiring special training to install,load and use.

suggestions and ideas please
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sir ''a picture is worth a thousand words'' is the bet needed here:P...i will be very much obliged..difficult visualizing that description..

thank you
It is YOUR graded project after all. Do you want us to do the project for you? And you still want to claim the grade?

At the PF we require that you show your efforts on schoolwork. Please show us what you have done so far on your own, before we can offer any tutorial hints....