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jim hardy
Jan17-12, 12:48 PM
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that sounds okay.

here's a little more background from a plant guy's perspective:

we calculated thermal energy produced every minute
and measured electrical energy going out
kept hourly and daily running totals
divided the two
to get "Heat Rate"

which is just efficiency
we used units of BTU/KWH but you guys are doubtless SI over there.

we did not track long term
just an hourly and a daily heat rate.
point being numerator is heat and denominator is KWH both accumulated over same interval

10,800 was our approximate heat rate
adjacent fossil units would do 9,000 on oil
i'm told combined cycle units can beat 6,000

heat-rate was the number of interest to our financial types.

i'm not sure of what use total heat procuced in a cycle would be
but you can't average rates,
so if you want a number for the whole year's heat rate you have to accumulate heat and kwh separately and divide them.
they'll be huge numbers so have your programmers check to make sure you wont overflow your spreadsheet's math algorithms - some i've heard only go to 10^35.
probably that's enough though. just that ounce of prevention

if that's what you are doing with the number , maybe a label or subscript like 'accumulated cycle (heat, Q, gigaloules - pick a mnemonic noun)' ?

you know your audience and i dont. can you ask one of them via a backdoor?

good for you for so much effort in choosing a name. Lavoisier wrote at length in his introduction to treatise on chemistry about importance of naming terms. google his name and ''