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Jan21-12, 11:29 AM
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You are NOT sincere in wanting to learn about the Physics of this. You demonstrate this in nearly every one of your posts. Merely having forked out a load of your money on an "EMG" says nothing about your attitude to Physics or your sincerity.
Whilst you make statements like "When I say work, and as you know there a many words for work. . . ." then you are clearly never going to take in the Physics. There is just ONE definition of Work, in Physics but you seem to want to use the word to describe many things. You also use the word Force in any way you fancy but there is only one meaning for it (in Physics).

You haven't actually asked a question yet that 'parses' correctly in Physics nor have you accepted any of the totally straight answers you have been given. Are we all out of step but you?

It is a matter of GIGO, i'm afraid. You just succeed in pissing people off, here. Stick to your mates down at the Gym - they are more likely to speak your language. Alternatively, learn some actual Physics - and I don't mean Waynephysics.