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Jan22-12, 08:13 PM
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I could really do with some consultation here

This is mainly to do with reality , being , awareness and meaning for humans.

Can we agree reality is one thing and our awareness of what reality is another(- so that is almost a seperate reality as we know it)?

Im having a mental block at the moment so ill just give my best shot:

Can beauty be awareness itself , can beauty be the inifinity (meaning everything that is reality) so that when we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder(.i.e an idea we create) is this is a false observation(perhaps not even an observation of reality) or at least to some extent (all depending on how much of reality we are aware of) - so if you we were not here to percieve reality - nature, animals, the land, physics etc are beautiful by their own nature, completely seperate to our awareness of reality to some extent(.i.e not completely just as much as we are a aware of)

This all really comes down to awareness and what we see reality as, so it can be very difficult to grasp the correct meaning of what Im trying to convey.

I could only describe it metaphorically as being blind and then seeing(yet that is still very far from the truth of the meaning)

Other examples I can give of why I believe/sense this awareness opposite to other humans is how people treat other beings - animals etc (e.g. hunting animals just for fashion, for theirs skins, farming, caging them and many other rediculous things) Also changing landscapes, claiming ownership of that land, claiming the right to do as people wish to the land and also to other humans. Having sex as a past time- something to do when your bord etc , eating as much food as you want - eat all food with the same meaning that its is a dessert ( .i.e only for taste)

Basically what this means to me is that what other people think, is that all these other aspects of existence around man humans essentially mean absolutely - well that how i see it as i feel/ am aware differently and thats the key - AWARENESS


please help me with this

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