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Jan23-12, 07:29 AM
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SOPA Update 5: The Aftermath

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Thanks Greg, for the update and the really good news!

I was pleasantly surprised (amazed, even) to read this:
How did we get here when a week ago these bills had super-majority support? Unless you’ve been living totally off the grid, momentum started to build against them when President Obama threatened a veto if SOPA went forward with the most controversial provisions that would allow private companies to shut down any website using a court order if the target site linked to a site that linked to a site with infringing content. The President railed against this as a serious impediment to free speech and a major giveaway to special interests.
I did not know Obama had it in him. I guess he really *CAN* (make a difference) after all! I'm so happy he's POTUS. For now, at least...
I think a later passage of the article is more relevant to the abandonment of these bills;
The President’s move brought some attention to the issue, but the real game changer was the Internet blackouts led by Wikipedia on Wednesday. Suddenly everyone was talking about SOPA. An administrative assistant stopped me in the hall to ask about it, saying that she and a number of other people had been discussing it earlier. Moreover, all those who couldn’t find the simple information they’d come to expect from Wikipedia began inundating their representatives with calls. Democracy in action! It was beautiful. Suddenly, supporters of the bills scattered away from it like roaches from a flashlight until it was pulled by its sponsors.