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Jan24-12, 10:59 PM
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I can't visualizate the motion of atoms? How can it be so weird? It can be weird, but it must follow a rule..
The notion of "motion of atoms" at a quantum level is very different them motion of simple particles. This makes visualization of quantum phenomena impossible. There are some useful ways to visualize some aspects of Qm but they are all in some way or another incomplete or incorrect. An example would be this:
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bp_psy, why? This is easy I guess. Planets orbiting: 3d spheres as planets, position vectors atracting themselves every tick following the laws of gravitation, initial conditions to match the centripetal equilibrium. Charges iterating: basically the same.
I even did a color mapping stuff when I was trying to understand eletrodynamics. This also made me understand a little better how electrons could oscilatte though a nuclei without falling on it or needing circular motion (I still don't understand many things, though). Springs oscillating: once I made several small balls glued together by a force. Then I noticed it acted as a string. Then I suddenly understood how springs works. It was beautiful. I had no idea of what I was doing. Nothing serious or precise, it was just fun.
One of the most basic reason for learning some actual physics and maths is that you might actually be understood by someone when you want to say something about them. I am sorry but I do not understand anything in that paragraph. Nothing actually makes sense.