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Jan26-12, 03:24 PM
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My resume will be fine, but it seems that jobs with a BS in Physics are either insanely difficult to get, or are menial coding jobs with a very low ceiling with limited career potential.
Try finance or insurance. Take an actuarial test or two, etc. Apply for entry level engineering positions you seem qualified for. Basically, apply to as much as you can, and see what comes back. Find alumni from your department and contact them- its much easier to get a job if you have that sort of in.

Will the six or seven years of working for little pay result in a higher paying job later on?
Probably not. 6 years of deferred income is a fair amount of money, and you aren't likely to start much higher than someone who didn't get a phd but instead got 6 years of experience on-the-job.

I would absolutely love teaching physics, and I really enjoy the academic environment, but I'm a bit put off by the politics, grant-writing, and huge saturation in the market.
Most phds don't get academic jobs, and most people who teach physics don't make that much money. Thats just the nature of the world.