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Jan27-12, 06:52 AM
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@russ watters,

Yes, I looked at the publications, and have no reason to doubt their veracity. But my point was that Romney, who made about $20m, and paid 14.5% on that income is paying a smaller percentage than a lot of people who made between $50k and $100k. Eg., my best year, when I was working and paying taxes, was about $80k, and I'm pretty sure that I paid the federal government more than 14.5% of that.

Anyway, imo, the important point wrt this thread is that Romney's disclosure will hurt his chances of getting elected to the presidency ... simply because, imo, most Americans are going to want someone making $20m to pay more than 14.5% of that in federal income tax.

Wrt including the payments for SS and Medi, the fact of the matter is that they're payments made to the federal government by everybody who reports less than $106k, so, imo, it makes sense to include these in any comparative consideration of taxes paid to the federal government.