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Jan27-12, 10:58 AM
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Largely, yes. And that's as it should be. The point is that they can afford, and, imo, should be required, to pay more than they do.
As Elizabeth Warren has pointed out, if you have made a fortune in business, good for you. BUT, your employees were educated by a public school system paid for by us. Your raw materials come in over a highway system paid for us, and you use that same system to ship your goods. Your electrical power, water, etc come to your plant thanks to taxpayers who established those utilities. If you deal in digital products, who paid for the Internet that you need to distribute them? There are no self-made men in this economy, IMO.

The sense of entitlement surrounding the wealthy is palpable, and unwarranted. I grew up in a little town that was next to a slightly larger one. Before I was born, a birch-veneer mill was built in that town. The owners (brothers) and their GM had sports cars, big yachts, and other bling. BUT they paid for a brand-new elementary school to be built in town, paid for a general-assistance program to help poor people, and IIR, paid for the property and lots of the construction costs for the new junior-high/HS that opened a couple of years before I got out of elementary school. They were rich, but they had some sense of responsibility to the community. I don't see that as much, these days.