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Jan27-12, 02:30 PM
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turbo;3730529]As Elizabeth Warren has pointed out, if you have made a fortune in business, good for you. BUT, your employees were educated by a public school system paid for by us. Your raw materials come in over a highway system paid for us, and you use that same system to ship your goods. Your electrical power, water, etc come to your plant thanks to taxpayers who established those utilities. If you deal in digital products, who paid for the Internet that you need to distribute them? There are no self-made men in this economy, IMO.
Public schools are usually paid for out of property taxes, do the rich pay more in property taxes? From what I have seen, the rich usually have 2+ properties and more times than not they send their children to private schools. Imo, they have paid for the children(future employees) to get their high school diploma. The highway funding comes largely from fuel taxes, who pays more for highways, the people driving one car that gets decent mileage, or a fleet of semi's moving products across this nation at bout 4 miles to the gallon? I have a hard time seeing how the rich havent been paying their "fair share", or that the people have any right to their wealth.

The sense of entitlement surrounding the wealthy is palpable, and unwarranted. I grew up in a little town that was next to a slightly larger one. Before I was born, a birch-veneer mill was built in that town. The owners (brothers) and their GM had sports cars, big yachts, and other bling. BUT they paid for a brand-new elementary school to be built in town, paid for a general-assistance program to help poor people, and IIR, paid for the property and lots of the construction costs for the new junior-high/HS that opened a couple of years before I got out of elementary school. They were rich, but they had some sense of responsibility to the community. I don't see that as much, these days.
So Iyo, you feel that the producers are the ones who feel they are entitled to others money, at the same time you argue that the masses deserve more of their wealth. Imo, it is the masses(and politicians) who have a sense of entitlement, not the rich. I find it interesting how you start your story, of the not as evil rich, by saying they own all these fancy things, but they still did things for the community which redeemed them in your eyes. One question, who builds those fancy cars, fancy houses, and all the other bling? Isnt it employees, of other rich people, who are employed solely because someone is buying their product? If no one buys those products who looses, the rich, or the workers? There are tons of products that if it wasnt for rich, those products would disapear. The rich would still be rich, the workers would be unemployed though. Imo, any regulation put in place will never affect the rich, they have the resources to get around them, the ones who get hurt are those who cant, the masses, and it is because of the regulations that all the loopholes the "evil rich" use, exist.

= lisab: I'm not sure how you implied that from what Thomas said. There are many ways the rich benefit from the present tax code, e.g., paying much lower taxes on capital gains.
And the rest of us dont get that same rate? Lisa, please remember that capital gains have already been taxed at around 35% as corporate income, before it gets taxed again. Imo, capital gains and profits are all that should be taxed, but aslong as our income is getting taxed, I have a hard time getting behind a plan to then tax those gains and profits again. Either our income should be tax free, or our profits should be tax free, I vote for income. It seems to me that one of the big things we hear now-a-days is how those evil rich people are making too much profit, well I say tax the profit and that would get companies to reduce profit, instead of the system we have now where everyone tries to lower their income either by deductions and contribributions. Who has the resources to hire a team of accountants to lower their effective tax rate, the rich, or the rest of us?

Romney paid his legally required taxes, it funny when he gets lamblasted, by people like Al Sharpton who owe millions in back taxes, or by an administration which has tax cheat timothy geitner, or by other 1%'ers like buffet and pelosi, who have used the exact smae tools to lower their tax rates.