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Jan27-12, 11:47 PM
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Advice on a clerical error on grad school applications

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We haven't notified any of the other 6 programs mainly because we didn't know about the error until today. I'm not sure if we should say anything to those programs who haven't said anything (or probably haven't noticed). She has a 3.95 GPA from an ivy league school, adequate preparation, stellar recommendations, etc... I don't know if we want to risk having the rest of her grad school apps jeopardized due to typos on ETS's part.
Do contact the other schools ASAP- many schools won't tell you if you have an incomplete application. Call, and ask each school if your application is complete and submitted correctly. You don't have to point put the specific problems if that makes you nervous, but verify the status everywhere!

I had this happen to me several years ago(scores were sent to incorrect schools by ets. The way I found out was a school I did not apply to contacted me to tell me that my application was incomplete, they only had my GREs!) The way I resolved it was to have a three way call with ets and the schools. On a positive note, I was able to get some test fees refunded.