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Feb5-12, 09:35 AM
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The ratio of Pu238 and O2 in Plutonium dioxide?

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The molar mass of 238-PuO2 is 276.06 g/mol by Wiki.

What did I wrong?
Relying on Wiki (Wikipedia) for starters. Please use a chemistry or physics textbook!

Pu-238 should have a molar mass of ~238 gm/g-mole!

Then O2 - with two O16 atoms would have a molar mass of 32 g/g-mole

So the molar mass of Pu238O2 should be about 238 + 32 = 270. If it's heavier, by 6 g/g-mol, then it's probably got some heavier isotopes of Pu or other TUs.

Also, one mole of PuO2 has one (1) mole of Pu and 2 moles of O, or one mole of O2.

For atomic masses see

or NIST -